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In this 21st century, a new society is evolving where knowledge is the major production resource instead of capital and labor. The knack to create and uphold the knowledge infrastructure to improve skills, to upsurge productivity through the exploitation of progress in different fields will be the vital factors in deciding the opulence of the society. Precisely understanding the future requirements, J C INTERNATION SCHOOL in GORAKHPUR, have been established where creativeness of each child will be allowed to bloom.

“Goal of mankind is Knowledge”. To accomplish the goal one should select a good career and it is possible only through a good educational institution. These days there is a lot of competition in each field. Every single child should be given a chance to bring out their hidden talents in the specific field in which they are interested along with the academics. Manners make the man punctual and self-disciplined and that is the basic tactic in a spirit of loving conciliation.

The way to development comes through a purposeful activity. In this direction education reforms has been started where these schools will act as a catalyst to uphold the knowledge infrastructure.

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Mr. G. C. Yadav
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