A Co -Educational School On CBSE Pattern


The school has fielded qualified and experienced set of teaching and administrative staff who have viable academic qualifications in their subjects of teaching and have proficiency and ability in organising sports and co-curricular activities supplemented with continuity training, preferably, organised by management with a view to enhance the standard of teaching and learning, thus nurturing and shaping the institution for "Higher, Stronger, Brighter" outcome.

To Achieve the aim and objective of the trust the management and the Director, Mr. Ramlal, In Particular, chose the services and assistance of Mr. G.C. Yadav, an experienced veteran educationist and social the honorary faculty co-ordinator, advisor and supervisor for leading and guiding the instituation to achieve the better standard in teaching and learning and generating the fostering intelligence,innovation,creativity and,above all, wisdom by application of pedagogical approach which would be the expectation of the mass from the realm of varied and valued modern Education centre like this !

The school has modern laboratories for conducting practicals in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Home Science and Computers. It has well stocked libraries with excellent reading rooms. A state-of-art SPORTS COMPLEX provides facilities for games such as Basketball, Volley ball, Throw ball, Tennis and Cricket net practising pitch. An amphitheatre for spectators is annexed to the Basket Ball court.